Freehand Kolam designs | How to draw rangoli without dots | Latest muggulu

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Kolam or muggu is a ancient art form of India which is very popular.
Kolam is also called as Rangoli in parts of India.
women create different kolam or rangoli designs infront of the doorstep in the early morning
taking ideas from the nature like flowers,deepams,diyas,animals like elephants,cows, fruits, birds likev peacock and swan etc.
In Andhra pradesh and Telangana, kolam designs are called muggulu.
Rangoli or kolam designs are drawn with dots like 5 dots, 6 dots and so on and without dots also (freehand rangoli).
People celebrate festivals like Diwali,Sankranthi (Pongal), Ganesh Chathurthi,Dasara( Vijaya dasami) by drawing different
creative Kolam or rangoli designs with different colors and flowers in fornt of their houses.
People draw Beautiful special kolams on Friday to get the blessings of Godess Lakshmi.
Designs vary from easy rangoli for beginners to difficult levels for professionals.

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